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So last month I was informed that the poodle litter was not a fit for my service dog needs.  I am in line for the goldador (lab/golden retriever mix) litter which is due August 29th.

Please pray that I will be prepared financially, mentally, occupationally, and housing-wise for this.  Please also pray for the health of the litter and momma labrador.

I’m sorry to not have much to say, things have been hard lately and I’m doing what I can to find a new job.


I’m working on finding a potential dog to owner-train. A nearby Doberman rescue called me back today, and although they do not have any candidates for me, they had recently placed a rescued dog with a disabled woman to train as a SD. This was encouraging to hear, but what was more encouraging is that the owner of the rescue was willing to forward my information to the other rescues she is connected with in order to find a qualifying dog for my needs.

I’m so happy to have spoken with her. I hope that, in God’s timing, a good candidate can be found. If the rescues don’t pan out, PAD has also offered to help with dog selection- pending my acceptance into their program. I’m still waiting to hear back from PAD, I do know that all of my referral letters have made it into the mail. I don’t know much else.

I’m also working on creating my résumé in order to apply for jobs as my current work situation has fallen through. I want to be able to fund this service dog on my own without any outside help- that is my goal. If I eventually do need help I will ask for it. For now I will bide my time.

Never mind the fact that the waiting list for PAD is up to three years long and the training period for a dog is 2 more years… I’m obsessively checking my email every single day- no, hour- to see if I’ve been chosen as a candidate yet.

I’m mentally preparing myself now for the prospect of struggling the way I have been for another 3-5 years. What are my strategies for coping? Can I do it? I’m mostly convinced I can’t but I’ll have to push through it.

I’m just so restless. I’ve been dealing with my body for the past 5 years, no all-encompassing diagnosis, and the emotional toll that goes along with it. If I have to wait until my 10 year anniversary for some four legged relief…. Then I can only hope that the reward for that much patience will be so much sweeter tasting.

For now I will continue checking my email inbox and praying.

Although I’ve endlessly researched the ins and outs of SD life, I never felt it was within my reach until now.

This past week I spoke at length with the founder of Phoenix Assistance Dogs and ended up submitting my application.  I am now in the process of collecting referrals from people who know me and can comment on my situation.  Now all I must be is patient.

Patience is hard when you’ve just been told by your cardiologist that you’re not allowed to work.  Especially when you were counting on that summer job to support your desire to properly own and care for a service dog.  Patience is hard when you’re already reaching out in hopes that a furry friend will come for your rescue, or at least stay by you whilst your body struggles to regain some normalcy.  Patience is hard when you’ve been patient for 5 years already.

But with a reward so sweet as a furry face ready to help me to “brace” at a moments’ notice- I think I can manage to be patient for awhile longer.