I have had this leash and collar hanging in my room since around the age of 18. It has been a constant presence and reminder for me that I will one day have my “heart dog”, the one that I have waited for so long, wished for, and prayed over. It is almost as though s/he already lives with me, I am reminded of him or her everyday.

Encouraging news: Today PAD emailed saying that all of my paperwork has been received and will be reviewed today! It is much easier now to be patient knowing that I haven’t been forgotten, I was getting nervous that either they didn’t approve of me or that something had happened to my paperwork. But, so far, all is well!

Additionally, I received a call from a second Doberman rescue today and we spoke for over an hour discussing my situation, asking questions, and learning more about the breed and the rescue organization. They are very willing to help find a good candidate for me whether I am able to adopt from them or not, they are also very willing to educate me on what to look for on my own regarding breed specific health issues and behavioral characteristics.

I’m so grateful that I had contacted that first Dobie rescue, it is because of them that this second rescue was able to contact me. My information has been sent out across the state because of how helpful they’ve been. I trust and know that God will handle things in His perfect way, but I also know it doesn’t hurt to take some initiative and put myself and my story out there. I have no control over what happens next or who my “heart dog” will end up being, or even the breed and health of that dog. The dog could develop cancer a year after he’s finally been trained, I have no control over that. This process is really going to test and grow every fiber of my being, I can only hope that my “heart dog” and I will find victory- to God be all the glory if we can.