Never mind the fact that the waiting list for PAD is up to three years long and the training period for a dog is 2 more years… I’m obsessively checking my email every single day- no, hour- to see if I’ve been chosen as a candidate yet.

I’m mentally preparing myself now for the prospect of struggling the way I have been for another 3-5 years. What are my strategies for coping? Can I do it? I’m mostly convinced I can’t but I’ll have to push through it.

I’m just so restless. I’ve been dealing with my body for the past 5 years, no all-encompassing diagnosis, and the emotional toll that goes along with it. If I have to wait until my 10 year anniversary for some four legged relief…. Then I can only hope that the reward for that much patience will be so much sweeter tasting.

For now I will continue checking my email inbox and praying.