While living in a women’s program I learned of the concept of praying for my future husband and his preparation in becoming a faithful man of God. It’s something many of the ladies partook in, and I sometimes find myself praying for my own future someone.

Today a song by Rebecca St. James, “Wait for Me”, inspired me to sit back and pray not only for my future husband’s well-being, but also that of my future service dog.

Mind you, nothing is set in stone yet regarding PAD or an SD, but I am fervently praying about it. I have already asked God numerous times FOR an SD (service dog), but today was the first time I specifically prayed for his or her’s well-being.

Along with praying that my future husband is growing in gentleness and patience, I prayed that my future SD was either in good health or that his (her) mother was in good health (in the case that s/he wasn’t born yet). And if he (she) is already here on the Earth, that he (she) is preparing well for their future working life with me.

I’m waiting for both of you, my future husband and my future SD. May God smile upon you both! Please wait for me….