Although I’ve endlessly researched the ins and outs of SD life, I never felt it was within my reach until now.

This past week I spoke at length with the founder of Phoenix Assistance Dogs and ended up submitting my application.  I am now in the process of collecting referrals from people who know me and can comment on my situation.  Now all I must be is patient.

Patience is hard when you’ve just been told by your cardiologist that you’re not allowed to work.  Especially when you were counting on that summer job to support your desire to properly own and care for a service dog.  Patience is hard when you’re already reaching out in hopes that a furry friend will come for your rescue, or at least stay by you whilst your body struggles to regain some normalcy.  Patience is hard when you’ve been patient for 5 years already.

But with a reward so sweet as a furry face ready to help me to “brace” at a moments’ notice- I think I can manage to be patient for awhile longer.